Sandeep Mehrotra

In his illustrious career spanning two and a half decades, Sandeep has a proven record in driving revenues and delivering efficiencies to clients & businesses. Within SPN, he has moved through multiple channels, regions and ranks. In his current role as Head of Ad Sales - Network Channels, he is responsible for strategizing, planning and driving revenues for the Ad sales function.

With a unifocal thought of creating business solutions, he has invested his time in curating long-term client relationships. Sandeep strongly believes and works towards reinforcing the culture of innovation & pragmatism to the function of Advertising Sales and lives by his philosophy, “I am into the business of repeat purchases”. He has been instrumental in turning around operations that thrive on the rapidly changing market challenges. Sandeep’s rich experience and ability to comprehensively interpret priorities, align strategies and innovate, have led to impactful enterprise-wide sales solution plans and strategic initiatives for sales process reengineering.