Second Screen interactivity changing the way Indians watch sports

Second Screen interactivity changing the way Indians watch sports

The massive rise of usage of digital platforms, with an increasing number of smartphone users and decreased data prices, has resulted in a surge in online content consumption. While television still clearly remains the platform of choice to watch sports, audiences are also looking at enhanced engagement with their favourite players, clubs and more on digital and social media. At SPN we first introduced a second screen experience for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was a resounding success. We currently provide the second screen experience with UEFA Champions League and India tour of Australia.

From the consumer perspective, engagement on the second screen means interactivity and increased access to knowledge and insights about the sport. In the process of providing benefits to the audience, the broadcasters have access to enhanced audience profiling data, real time insights, increased monetisation avenues and a better understanding of content consumption patterns. Backed by this data and knowledge, we have an opportunity to build a more holistic and immersive experience for our viewers.

In 2018, the World Cup was in our viewers’ hands and they were provided with unimaginable insights and expansive knowledge of the teams and players and constantly updated stats on a live interactive platform. Nearly 2 million viewers engaged in our second screen initiative, which was created in association with Facebook AR Studio. Extraaa Innings, the second screen experience for the ongoing India Tour of Australia has already seen over 1.9mn users engaging and over 78k user registrations.

Our network has already had successful second screen experiences, with SET’s leading reality shows KBC (‘Play-Along’) and Indian Idol (‘Sing Along’) reaping the benefits for both the consumers and SPN. With sports, the audience has welcomed digital interactivity and explored all that the initiatives have to offer. We have seen over 120 million unique interactions for our three second-screen initiatives combined which has provided us with great insights about our viewers. Digital interactivity is a key trend marker for the coming years as we undertake more initiatives to enhance the viewing experience.

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